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Who are we?

Cross-media publishing house

Scala, share(s) your passion; our team, consisting of 20 staff members and a flexible shell of 300 co-workers reach over 883.000 hobbyists who practise arts and crafts. Scala brings people with a specific hobby together and inspires them via online platform Hobbyou as well as through nine (trend)brands, both in print and online. Moreover, Scala shares its passion with services for third parties via consultancy, coaching, printing support and international licences.

Why Scala?

Scala’s mission is to contribute to a world in which you find and inspire each other online and offline in order to expand your hobby and passion. On a creative level or otherwise. A world in which you are stimulated and informed by each other, by experts and suppliers. Where you are challenged to share your hobby and show your creativity. You don’t have to, but you are invited. That’s the world in which Scala connects people through content.